HMI programming


When designing a mechanism or system, our engineers constantly ask themselves the question: how does the operator interact with the system?
There are several solutions to this question:
- controls on the remote control or panel door (buttons, signal lamps, switches, etc.);
- operator panels (HMI, or Human Mashine Interface);
- SCADA system.

In this section, we will focus on the operator panels. So HMI is a device with a screen that allows the operator to monitor the status and control the system. There are different sizes and configurations, with or without additional keys, touch with resistive or capacitive screen.

Depending on the technical characteristics, the operator panel displays:
- mnemonic scheme of the control object;
- condition of mechanisms;
- condition of sensors;
- event log;
- accident log;
- information in the form of tables;
- information in the form of graphs;
- speed of moving mechanisms;
- the number of products;
- other data depending on the wishes of the Customer.

Allows the operator to:
- change system settings;
- manage both the entire system and its individual mechanisms;
- to reconfigure to another product size.

Our company works with almost all operator panels.
Among the industrial HMI, we can highlight:
- Siemens;
- Schneider Electric;
- Unitronics;
- Mitsubishi.

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