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Electrical installation

The project will not be complete without quality installation. 

We have a permit to perform electrical work up to 750 kV, both new construction and existing installations.

And also we carry out the following number of works:

  • We lay external electrical nerworks, both underground and overhead lines, installation of power step-down transformers, both plow standing (oil) and built-in (dry). 
  • Transformers are placed both in TP (built of brick) and KTP of city or mast execution (metal). We lay cables both in trenches and on overpasses.
  • We carry out external and internal electric lighting. installation of internal engineering networks, systems, devices and measuring instruments. 
  • Installation of engines and control systems, generators. 
  • Installation of information networks, both with the help of cables and wireless technologies. 
  • We implement electrical protection of structures, equipment and networks (lightning protection, grounding).
  • We help to obtain technical conditions for connection to electrical networks, and implement them. All implemented projects are put into operation.

We provide warranty and service. We can get involved in the project at any stage.

ELECTRICAL installation


Implemented projects




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