Wind power plants


Svitovyr is actively implementing green technologies in energy. In particular carries out all installation work on installation of windmills. These are works on the arrangement of the base, erection of a mast, installation of a gondola, fastening of blades, connection of the relay of control of a charge of the joint stock bank, or the network inverter. 

Scientific studies show that the Earth's wind energy potential is 1,200 TW. This figure is quite high, but the possibilities of using this type of energy are different in different parts of the Earth. 

Wind turbines are used to convert wind flow into energy. The principle of operation of which is as follows: under the pressure of the wind rotates a windmill with blades, which transmits torque through the transmission system of the generator shaft, which produces electricity. There are two fundamentally different designs of wind turbines: with horizontal and vertical axis of rotation. 

The power of the wind flow is proportional to its cross-sectional area and has a cubic dependence on the wind speed, ie its power increases even faster than the wind speed. It is recommended to install wind power plants in areas with strong and steady winds, namely: coastal strips and mountain tops.

Implemented projects

photo report of windmill construction

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