About us


18 years

The company's activity on the Ukrainian market

2002 - 2019 


industrial solar and hydroelectric power plants

2016 - 2019


electrical cabinets were produced


175 МW

Renewable energy were launched


About us

Svitovyr is a group of engineering companies in the electrical engineering and industrial automation sector. The company includes enterprises, each of which performs a different function: electrical design, electrical instalation, automation, installation works, technical supervision, engineering support of investment projects, further work (repair, service, maintenance, etc.). Our development is quick and dynamical, we provide a comprehensive range of services and we have all the necessary permits, licenses and certificates.


22 July 2002

On July , 22 Svitovyr was founded.


The regional license for performance of electric design and electric installation works is received voltage up to 35 kV.


Production of electrical panels has started. Permission has also been obtained for performance of works of the increased danger (works in operating electric installations, voltage to 35 kV).


Reactive power compensation boards.


The automation department was established. The first HPP was automated. production of automation boards.


SvitoVyr LLC became the official boards supplier of Schneider Electric, and also opened the automation department. Mastering of SCADA.


Became the official boards supplier of EATON-Moeller, took the 2nd place for automation of small hydroelectric power plants at the All-Ukrainian competition of designers from Schneider Electric in the section of production processes automation (non-standard solution).


The appendix to the license which gives a permission to design the external engineering networks, systems and constructions (power supply and electrical equipment), for all three classes CC1, CC2, CC3, which allows to design for all existing voltage classes (0.4-750 kV) in Ukraine was obtained.


Development of mechatronics. Production of the first electro- mechanical regulators for hydroelectric power plants.


Internet of things (IoT) development and introduction. First industrial solar power plant was built.


Introduction of machine vision.


Development of meteorological data collection and forecasting of solar power plant generation. 71 MW was built, which is 11% of capacity in Ukraine.


76 MW of solar power stations were built. More than 1000 cabinets were produced. Rebranding. ISO:9001 was obtained for the production of boards.

Industrial automation

Electrical schemes - model-prototype-finished product.
We develop automation systems: programing PLC controllers, HMI control panels and SCADA systems for enterprise management and monitoring. Pneumatics, mechanics, hydraulics, electricity, programming - Mechatronics systems.

Green energy

  • Solar power plants
  • Hydroelectric power plants
  • Wind power plants

Design, installation, automation, monitoring and automation of SES, HPP, WPP. Turnkey construction of the station and service.

Cabinets production

We make control cabinets for various technological and industrial processes.

  • Electric cabinets
  • Automation panels
  • Relay & microprocessor protection
  • Reactive power compensation

Cabinets can be made of materials of well-known world brands and Ukrainian manufacturers. Execution of the order includes the whole process: from design work (3D models, diagrams) to finished products and commissioning on site.


  • IoT system (IoT)
  • Conveyor systems
  • Pneumatic systems
  • Hydraulic systems

We develop, program, install and upgrade automatic systems of various types of complexity from simple (control of one mechanism) to complex (which combine different areas and industries, and work without operator intervention).

A feature of our systems is reliability and ease of maintenance.

Wind energy

Svitovir is actively implementing green technologies in energy.

Water supply regulator to the turbine.

A new type of water supply regulator to the turbine has been developed and implemented.

PPS Guta 2 

At the end of 2016, we completed installation work at the Guta 2  photovoltaic power station

PPS Ternovytsia

Svitovyr has completed installation work on the solar station with a total capacity of 5 MW.


For a deeper acquaintance with the activities of our company you can download presentations.

Corporate culture

We are rapidly developing and working effectively in the style of Agile, namely: flexible to market standards, with an individual approach, the latest solutions and rapid response to change.


To become one of the best companies in Ukraine for automation of production enterprises and introduction of natural energy. Provide quality and comprehensive services.
Create a reliable and fastest service for all running projects in the energy sector.


The mission of the Svitovyr group of companies is to informatize production processes related to the generation of electricity by its transformation and transportation. In the time of general globalization with limited resources, microprocessor technology can be the tool that will overcome the environmental crisis. The introduction of innovative products in the energy sector is our credo.


Customer orientation. The customer deserves a quality product that will not only satisfy his desire or vision but also surpass it.

Reliability. We are always responsible for our work.

Professionalism. Our specialists are regular visitors to various world exhibitions, trainings, seminars and forums.

Innovations. Thanks to continuous training, we quickly implement innovations and use the latest equipment for projects.

how do we works

our advantages

Individuality and adaptability

Development of individual solutions for the needs of the Customer including maximum flexibility, quality and optimal price.

integrated approach
We ensure the unity of all integrated solutions for the full functioning of the system for each individual order.

We are constantly monitoring new trends and innovations in the field of engineering solutions. Our corporate culture is efficient and innovative in implementation to meet the needs of customers in Agile style.


We always implement projects at a measurable and timely time.


Industry 4.0

How do we work?

The 4th industrial revolution, namely Industry 4.0 gives impetus to the active automation of all processes, machines, mechanisms in order to accelerate technological change and maintain market leadership.

Our focus is industry 4.0

Svitovyr Automatic LLC operates in Industry 4.0, whose vision is that in the future industrial enterprises will build global networks to connect their machines, factories and warehouses as cyber-physical systems that will intelligently connect and control otherwise through the exchange of information. that triggers actions.

These cyber-physical systems will take the form of smart factories, smart machines, smart storage, and smart supply chains. This will help to improve industrial processes in production as a whole, through engineering, use of materials, supply chains and product life cycle management. This is what we call the horizontal value chain, and the vision is that Industry 4.0 integrates deeply with each step in the horizontal value chain to provide huge improvements in the industrial process. Industry 4.0 supports decentralization, which allows different smart factory systems to make decisions autonomously, without deviating from the path to a single, ultimate organizational goal.

Industry 4.0's efforts are also focused on doing everything in real time, which requires that the production process collects data and feedback and process monitoring is also achieved in real time.

Areas of activity



Svitovyr Automatic

Full name: Svitovyr Automatic, Limited Liability Company 

Short name: Svitovyr Automatic, LLC

Legal address: 79040, Ukraine, Lviv, Danyla Apostola st., 10/107
Actual address
: 79040, Ukraine, Lviv, Danyla Apostola st., 10/107
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 79040, Ukraine, Lviv, Danyla Apostola st., 10/107

IBAN UA963253210000026009053703189 

phone: +38 (032) 242 12 24; 
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web site: svitovyr.com 
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Director: Bohdan Kushlyk


Full name: Svitovyr, Limited Liability Company

Short name: Svitovyr, LLC

Legal address: 79040, Ukraine, Lviv, Danyla Apostola st., 10/107
Actual address: 79040, Ukraine, Lviv, Danyla Apostola st., 10/107

Mailing address: 79040, Ukraine, Lviv, Danyla Apostola st., 10/107

IBAN UA873253210000026004053899849 

phone: +38 (032) 242 12 24;
             +38 (067)333 45 00
web site: svitovyr.com
e-mail: office@svitovyr.com 

Director: Kostiantyn Paliutkin 


Full name: Svitovyr Electric, Limited Liability Company
Short name: Svitovyr Electric, LLC

Legal address: 79040, Ukraine, Lviv, 
Danyla Apostola st., 14/107, room D1-4 
Actual address: 79040, Ukraine, Lviv, Danyla Apostola st., 14/107, room D1-4 
Mailing address: 79040, Ukraine, Lviv, 
Danyla Apostola st., 14/107, room D1-4 

IBAN UA88 325321 00000 26004053743467  

phone: +38 (032) 242 12 24;
              +38 (067) 333 45 00
web site: svitovyr.com
e-mail: office@svitovyr.com 

Director: Sergiy Furko 




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