conveyor systems

Svitovyr has extensive experience in the design and installation of conveyor systems.
We implement systems of varying complexity:
- from one conveyor with simple control from the panel;
- to the automatic lines on which the elements of quality control, rejection, loading into mechanisms, and others which are necessary for performance of technological process are placed.

If conveyor systems are located on different levels or floors of the building, we install a system of elevators that move products between these levels.
We can offer different implementation options, and different control schemes for these systems. From manual control (conveyors are switched on by a person), to a control complex, based on an industrial controller, which will monitor the production process and control it in 7x24x365 mode, without operator intervention.

As a rule, conveyor systems are stretched for several tens of meters, and can be located in different rooms. In this case, there is a problem of monitoring the condition of systems and mechanisms on the conveyors. To solve this problem, we install operator panels, which display the operating modes, system states, and highlight the places where accidents occur, which significantly speeds up the time to eliminate system downtime.

implemented Projects

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