Cabinets production

Types of cabinets

Electric cabinets

  • Distribution boards; 
  • Main distribution cabinets; 
  • Automatic reserve input; 
  • Lighting distribution cabinets; 
  • Operating current cabinets. 

Automation panels

  • Excitation of synchronous generators; 
  • Control of drive systems; 
  • Movement system control; 
  • Cabinets with controllers; 
  • Reserve power supply; 
  • Cabinets with HMI and PC; 
  • Servers; 
  • Cabinets of data collection from photovoltaic power stations; 
  • Video surveillance cabinets. 

Relay & microprocessor protection

  • Bays 6, 10 kV; 
  • PT 35 kV protection; 
  • Distribution boards for oil-immersed transformer 35/10 kV; 
  • Safety panels; 

Reactive power compensation

  • Adjustable by controller; 
  • Local (for engines, generators); 
  • Medium voltage (6, 10 kV); 
  • High-speed (on solid-state switches); 
  • With protection against higher-order harmonics. 


Synchronous generator excitation systems:

  • reconstruction of the existing devices for machine excitators
  • reconstruction of shunt excitation
  • introduction of thyristor static excitation from the power of the distribution board for in-house needs
  • introduction of thyristor static excitation from the power of generator busbars
  • introduction of thyristor static excitation with simultaneous operation from an independent source for autonomous generator operation

We make control cabinets for various technological and industrial processes. Electrical cabinets, relayµprocessor protection, automation panels, video surveillance cabiners can be made of materials of well-known world brands and Ukrainian manufacturers.
Execution of the order includes the whole process: from design work (3D models, diagrams) to finished products and commissioning on facilities/plants.

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