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Any commercial or residential building has electricity metering at its entrance.
Also, if it is an enterprise, such as a manufacturing enterprise, then accounting is also available for shops and polling stations. It is necessary not only for calculation with the energy supply organization. but also for the economical consumption of energy resources, because having data on electricity consumption, they can be analyzed and implement energy-saving technologies, and after their implementation to evaluate the results of such implementations.

For this purpose accounting boards, input and accounting boards are made. For faster and more economical analysis of such data, the processes of reading meter readings are automated. We implement commercial electricity metering systems (ASKOE). Such systems allow you to remotely receive information about electricity consumption, archiving such data, as well as plotting energy consumption, energy composition (active. Reactive energy, generation-consumption, the presence of harmonics, two- or three-zone).

For remote access meters at substations are equipped with GSM modules. A wireless system can be built on the territory of enterprises. In addition to electricity metering, it is important to know its characteristics. Electricity analyzers are used for this purpose. Network analyzers, as electricity meters, differ significantly in their capabilities. They can measure from several parameters over a long period of time, to a huge amount of data in a minimum period of time. Event loggers can also be installed. They can both discretely register events (switching on the circuit breaker, loss of voltage, switching off the contactor) and analog signals (voltage, current, frequency). The quality of electricity must be excellent in responsible production cycles. Analyzers and recorders will help both to prevent and prevent emergency situations in the future.

The modern power grid is quite different from the power grid that was 30 years ago. It also depends on the fact that modern generating companies, especially alternative energy, have in their structure many nonlinear converters, as well as consumers whose load has changed significantly, this is the use of thyristor converters and frequency converters. This affects the general grid (and thus other consumers) and your grid in particular. For safe and long-term operation of electrical devices it is necessary to analyze the nature of the load in the network. It is necessary to know the peak and minimum load of the network, hourly, daily and annual schedules of energy consumption, how much active and reactive energy is consumed or generated, cosine, power factor, higher harmonics.

How will this knowledge protect your valuable equipment?

Will you be able to adapt your electrical system for optimal performance, what will it give?


How exactly will this save?

You will pay less for electricity, the capacity of your power grid will increase, and the electrical equipment will fail less.


Cabinets of AVR (Automatic reserve activation) are made according to the technical task of the customer.
These can be both single-phase and three-phase inputs. Both at low voltage 220 V or 380 V, and at medium voltages 6-10 kV.

Cabinets can be made in a simple version, for example, when two power cables from different power sources approach the building. Each power supply is provided with an indication of the presence of phases. The electrician on duty in manual mode switches from one power supply to another. There may be a more complex implementation - automatic, on the contactors. This case is suitable for switchboards that do not have round-the-clock staff on duty. The voltage relay monitors the presence of voltage on the incoming cables (busbars), and in the event of deviation of any of the parameters on the main power supply, automatically switches to the backup power supply. AVR can also be performed on machines with motor drives, which are controlled by a programmable relay.

This is a more reliable option, especially in places where the switchboards are very close to large substations. At night there is a significant reduction in electricity consumption, in connection with this there is an increase in voltage. When it is a three-phase input, the voltage is 380 V per day. can rise to 420 V at night. All this leads to an increase in voltage on the contactor coils, and hence to their heating, which in turn leads to rapid failure of the equipment. In AVR with motor drives this shortcoming is absent. It is possible to perform AVR boards of the first security category. This is when two cables from the power supply organization are suitable, and the third cable from your own diesel power plant, or battery. Other variants of execution of boards of AVR are possible, and also logic of their work can be difficult enough.

We make control cabinets for various technological and industrial processes. Different types of panels can be made of materials of well-known world brands and Ukrainian manufacturers. Execution of the order includes the whole process: from the development of schemes and 3D models to finished products.

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