Internet of things

Internet of things

The Internet of Things is an extraordinary event of the industrial revolution. To date, we have entered the 4th wave of revolutionary industrial innovation. Industry 4.0 gives impetus to the active automation of all processes, machines, mechanisms in order to accelerate technological change and maintain market leadership. 

Automated and densely equipped production processes can be better and more effectively controlled. Risks and losses are reduced when the operating environment is continuously inspected for hazards and the facilities themselves are able to adjust their actions to avoid an accident. Companies that have such advantages definitely win the competition. The Internet of Things is not just about locating objects and using them to provide environmental data and automate tasks.

It is a way to monitor, measure and comprehend the eternal movement of the world and everything we do. The data generated by the Internet of Things will allow us to explore more deeply the physical connections, human behavior, and even the physical aspects of our planet and universe. 

The main feature of the Internet of Things system is that it uses real-time data and analytics to determine consumer preferences. The manufacturer or seller can quickly make adjustments according to changes in sales and consumption. 

Opportunity to delve into the data and change everything - from transport and law enforcement to agriculture and manufacturing. The Internet of Things is able to penetrate into all nooks and crannies and streams of information that are inaccessible to human consciousness. It creates new types of networks and systems for data, information and knowledge.

The McKinsey Global Institute estimates that the economic impact of the Internet of Things in 2025 will be estimated at 14-33 trillion. dollars 

There has long been no doubt that connected devices and systems increase the level of automation and ease of use and increase the overall benefit to the consumer.

Our company has experience in designing and implementing projects for monitoring and management of industrial facilities. We develop, install and configure systems that allow you to manage and track objects through a web-server or mobile application.

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