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All industrial facilities must be earthed, and detached buildings, tall buildings and high-risk buildings must also have lightning protection.

Residential buildings must also have grounding and lightning protection. According to the safety rules in force in Ukraine, the resistance of the grounding circuit must have a resistance of up to 4 ohms, and the resistance of the circuit for lightning protection up to 10 ohms. 

For the correct choice of the grounding device, a calculation is made where such data as the maximum current that can dissipate the grounding circuit, soil resistance depending on the terrain, as well as other facts are taken into account.

To choose lightning protection, take into account a number of factors, such as the height of the building, and its location, and the roof structure, as well as how many people can be in this building at a time.

There are also industrial facilities that require special protection, especially for telecommunications systems, data centers, as well as explosive structures. 

Ensuring electrical safety is an integral part of the design of power supply networks for both industrial and civil facilities (factories, mills, schools, hospitals, residential sector, etc.).

Electrical safety is a system of organizational and technical measures that protect people from the dangerous and harmful effects of electric current, electric arc, electromagnetic field, static electricity. Ensuring electrical safety is mandatory and is determined by current state norms and rules. In electrical design, one of the important and mandatory measures is to eliminate the risk of electric shock in the event of voltage on parts of electrical structures.

For this purpose the grounding device is provided. Grounding is the deliberate electrical connection of metal parts of electrical equipment to the ground or its equivalent. 

All other metal parts that may be energized if the insulation is damaged are also subject to grounding. Depending on the object and the task, the following types of electrical safety are performed: working grounding, protective grounding, re-grounding, zeroing and equipotential bonding system. Due to the installation of high-quality and compliant with all relevant norms and rules of grounding not only provides zero potential for the housing of the device, but high-quality operation of all safety cut-out devices (circuit breakers, ELVs, RCDs, fuses, difavtomat, etc.).

Protective shutdown - high-speed protection that provides automatic shutdown of electrical equipment when there is a risk of electric shock.

Such a danger may arise in the case of:
· short circuit of the phase to the body of electrical equipment; 
· lowering the insulation resistance of the phases relative to ground; 
· appearance of a higher voltage in the network; 
· human contact with live parts.

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