Photovoltaic power stations



Svitovyr is a group of companies provides designs, electrical installation, implements automation and provides maintenance services for industrial photovoltaic power stations.


Implemented projects for construction and automation photovoltaic power stations

  • PPS Veriatcia-1 (I turn) 
  • PPS Veriatcia-1 (II turn)
  • PPS Veriatcia-2 (I turn)
  • PPS Veriatcia-2 (II turn)  
  • PPS Guta-2
  • PPS Guta-3
  • PPS Shalanky-1
  • PPS Shalanky-2
  • PPS Shalanky-3

  • PPS Ternovutsia Solar Plus (І turn)
  • PPS Ternovutsia Solar Plus (IІ turn)
  • PPS Ternovutsia Solar (І turn)
  • PPS Ternovutsia Solar (II turn) 
  • PPS Ternovutsia Sunlight 1
  • PPS Ternovutsia Sunlight 2
  • PPS Ternovutsia Energy 1 
  • PPS Ternovutsia Soniachna 1 
  • PPS Ternovutsia Soniachna 2
  • PPS Ternovutsia "Energetic field 1 and 3"
  • PPS Ternovutsia "Energetic field 2 and 4"
  • PPS Nahirne
  • PPS Shchyrets - 1
  • PPS Shchyrets - 2 (І and ІІ turn) 
  • PPS Semenivka
  • PPS Dobrivlyany villige
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