SCADA systems

SCADA systems

SCADA (from English: Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition - monitoring and data collection) - a complex software package designed to collect, process and store information in real time. 

SCADA consists of many separate modules. The main ones are:
- user interface;
- web server;
- information collection modules;
- information processing modules;
- archiving;
- tabular report generator;
- graph generator.

SCADA is developed individually for each individual object, with its own characteristics. The object in this case can be a separate machine (machine), line, shop, enterprise, and a group of enterprises.

When choosing a SCADA, you need to consider many factors and answer several important questions:
- the number of input / output signals in SCADA;
- the ability to expand the number of input/output signals in the future;
- availability of exchange protocols with available devices at the facility;
- the ability to add new protocols in the future;
- possibility of free programming of SCADA blocks;
- the need for certification;
- the need for a license;
- the number of users who can connect to the system at the same time;
- the ability to upload data to other formats: PDF, EXCEL ...
 - the maximum amount of signals required for archiving;
 - the ability to exchange information with another SCADA, or a higher level management system;
- whether the system will continue to work during the operating system update (after automatic Windows updates).

We work with SCADA from different developers under different operating systems. Our specialists will help you choose, install and configure the optimal SCADA system. They will select the optimal "iron" for the system and organize the work of the control point.

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