Partnering for profit

SVItoVYR Ltd. is Ukrainian electrical engineering company with wide range of electrical design, installation, repair and optimization solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional clients with highly specialized needs. We are working in the field of generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy and automation of engineering processes. We provide environmentally friendly and economical energy supply solutions and products, based on high technology, innovation and renewable energy sources. We are interested in developing close cooperation in energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. We are open for cooperation with public entities and associations of public and private bodies interested in renewable energy sources.   We are looking for partners from which we can learn about implementing solutions and to find about good and bad experiences in implementing such kind of projects.     We are looking for business, research and financial partners to corporate for acquisition and handling of projects in the fields of renewable energy.

We hope for productive cooperation and are ready to implement the most difficult electrical problems

If you are interested in cooperation with our company, please contact us







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