Svitovyr, LLC was found on July 22, 2002.

This enterprise was established by graduates of the Faculty of Electrical Energy of Lviv Polytechnic National University.

2005 – regional license for electrical design and installation with voltage up to 35 kV was obtained.

2006 – manufacturing of customized electric service panels was launched. Moreover, permit to dangerous work (activities at running electric plants with voltage up to 35 kV) was obtained.

2007 – All-Ukrainian license was obtained. This year, the company also became a member of Lviv Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

2008 – automation department was formed.

2009 – Svitovyr became an official supplier of electric service panels to Schneider Electric. Automation department started its operation.

2010 – Svitovyr became an official supplier of electric service panels to EATON-Moeller. Permit to work at running electric plants with voltage up to 35 kV was prolonged by the State Service of Mining Supervision and Industrial Safety. The company won 2nd prize at all-Ukrainian competition for project designers in section “Automation of Industrial Processes (nonstandard solution)” for automation of small-scale hydropower plant processes.

2011 – In addition to the license, permit to design outdoor engineering networks, systems and installations (electric supply and electric equipment) of all 3 classes СС1, СС2, СС3 (allowing to perform design for all voltage classes existing in Ukraine – 0.4 to 750 kV) was obtained.

2014 – mechatronic direction

2016 – IoT

1. Design of external and internal power supply and electric lighting up to 750 kV

2. Electrical installation work up to 110 kV

3. Manufacture of electric service panels and dry transformers up to 20 kWt

4. Automation of industrial processes: hydro-electrical power plant, wind power and solar power stations (HPP, WPS, SPS), CHPP and TPP

Excitation Systems for Synchronous Generators (SG);

Compensation system for asynchronous generators (AG) reactive energy;

Programming PLC;

Installation of electrical network analyzers;

Management of electric energy distribution;

Measurements of water storage reservoirs depth, fluid level, fluid and gas pressure, temperature modes of mechanisms;

Motor control (installation of frequency control drives into asynchronous motors);

Network protection against high harmonics;

Visualization system for industrial processes (HMI);

Development of SCADA system;

Object management over the Internet;

Machine vision