Power Generation

SVItoVYR Ltd. specializes in engineering and installing innovative solutions for hydro, wind and photovoltaic power generation. We offer a full technical service, from design and specification, through to installation and operation of automated grid – connected & stand alone power systems. According to the report of Ernst and Young, the estimated total potential of the Ukrainian small hydroelectric power stations is about 2,3 GW of which only 150 MW is currently being utilized. The average wind speed in open sites is around 6.5 m/s, potentially reaching 8 m/s in hilly areas. The potential of solar energy in Ukraine is 800-1450 kWh/m? per year. The Ukrainian ?green tariff? is one of the highest in Europe and makes the development of renewable energy very attractive for investors. SVItoVYR Ltd. is looking for strategic investors and partners to invest in the renewable energy projects in Ukraine.

Hydropower Station “ZALISCI”

Completely reconstruction of hydro power plant

Bodnarivska Hydro Power Station

Automation of hydro power plant

Butchacka Hydro Power Station

Grid off supply power system



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