Automation HPP

Svitovyr designs and produces a range of equipment and systems for hydroelectric power stations

  • Turbine deflectors (speed) controls:
  1.  Hydraulic;
  2.  Electromechanical;
  • Water turbine selection:
  1. Pelton turbine;
  2. Francis turbine;
  3. Kaplan turbine;
  4. Syphon-type turbine;
  • Water generator selection:


  1. Static excitation;
  2. On permanent magnets;
  3. Low or medium voltage;

Induction generators:

  1. Low voltage (0.4 kV);
  2. Medium voltage (10.5 kV);
  • Heating and cleaning systems for water intake grids:
  1. The grids are designed in a way that will prevent slob ice obstruction;
  2. Automatic grid cleaning by means of a mechanic manipulator;
  • Synchronous generator excitation systems
  1. Reconstruction of machines and their analogs for mechanical excitation.
  2. Reconstruction of shunt excitation;
  3. Introduction of thyristor static excitation from the power of the distribution board for in-house needs;
  4. Introduction of thyristor static excitation from the power of generator busbars;
  5. Introduction of thyristor static excitation with simultaneous operation from an independent source for autonomous generator operation;
  • Induction generators reactive power compensation systems:
  1. For low-voltage machinery;
  2. For medium-voltage machines;
  • Systems of precise synchronization of generators with an electrical grid:
  1. For synchronous devices;
  2. For induction devices;
  • Electrical energy distribution control:
  1. Low voltage generator distribution boards (0.4 kV) ;
  2. Medium voltage generator distribution boards (6.10 kV)
  3. Distribution board for in-house needs;
  4. Complete transformer substations
  5. Connecting to overhead power lines
  • Automation and control systems:
  1. Installation of local control systems that are run on programmable microprocessor PLC devices
  2. HMI (Human Machine Interface) installation
  • Control and diagnostics systems for internal station parameters:
  1. Measuring the upper and the lower water reaches;
  2. Measuring the grid obstruction
  3. measuring temperatures;
  4. Measuring liquid and gas pressures;
  5. Measuring positions;
  6. Measuring vibrations;
  7. measuring insulation conditions;
  • Protection systems:
  1. Grid analyzers;
  2. Transition processes recorders;
  3. Short circuit protection on busbars, generator stators and transformer, voltage and current short circuit protection to the ground of stator winding and excitation, protection from power loss, phase loss, voltage imbalance, phase sequence change, minimal and maximal voltage and generator transfer to engine mode;
  4. Staff access systems;
  5. Industrial video surveillance systems;
  • Hydroelectric power station control system:
  1. SCADA Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems;
  2. Data archiving;
  3. WebServer for remote monitoring and online control;
  4. Creation of a website with a geographical map displaying locations of all objects as a single window;
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