Renewable Energy in Ukraine

The green tariff law in Ukraine was adopted in 2009.

According to the law ?Green? tariff is a special tariff for electricity generated at the power plants with use of alternative energy sources – such as wind, water and solar power.

As one can see from the current price calculations (Date 20.03.2012) below, alternative energy sales prices make it very attractive to invest in Ukraine right now.

Windenergy 12,35 ?(Cent)/kWh

Photovoltaics 50,82 ?(Cent)/kWh

Hydropower 8,47 ?(Cent)/kWh

The summary green tariff for small hydropower is (March, 2012, Source: NERC) 8,47 ?(Cent)/kWh and 10,16 ?(Cent)/kWh (considering value added tax 20%).

The ?Green? tariff is secured from the devaluation of the Ukrainian currency: in the event of devaluation of UAH hryvnia, the tariff will be calculated based on the exchange rate.

The tariff is valid until 2030 for all the facilities put into operation before 2014. For those put into service after the mentioned date the factor will be reduced on the following scale:

2014-2019 by 10%, 2019-2025 by 20%, and after 2025 by 30%.