Bilynska HPP


Bilyn hydroelectric power station is located in Zakarpattia region.

630 kW single-generator, equipped with an induction generator for 10 kV.

The level change between the upper and the lower reaches is 100 m.

Renovation included replacement of the deflector drives of isolation valves.

Hydraulic power pack has been installed.

High-voltage cells have been replaced.

Vacuum switches, microprocessor protection and 10 kV unregulated compensation cell have been applied.

The uninterruptible power supply was established by from two UPS units and a diesel generator.

A connection with the water intake established by means of optical fiber

Protection has been installed to protect the grids from obstruction with slob ice and freezing in winter time.

Video surveillance has been installed.

HMI (Human Machine Interface) has been installed that enables the operator to manage and adjust the operation of the hydroelectric power station.

The operation of the station is programmed by PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), it is fully autonomous, manual operation is also possible.

Archive data of the current indicators and of the values exceeding the warning/emergency values and commutation count make it possible to predict future station operation and conduct timely revisions of the equipment.

Personnel safety and environmental protection received scrupulous attention.

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